Evidence of complicity in fund misappropriation emerges in ANC Ghana

Evidence of complicity in fund misappropriation emerges in ANC Ghana


Outgoing President of the All Nigerian Community in Ghana, ANC-GH, Mr. Moses Owharo has been accused of complicity in an alleged account signatory falsification saga.

Mr. Owharo  is suspected to have secretly gone to UBA where the Ghanaian chapter of All Nigeria Community Association(ANC) account operates, with a fake mandate from the original signatories to the account and a fake resolution purported to have come from the Executive Council of the association to effect the change.

Further investigation have also revealed that  two of the said new signatories added to the account, one Daniel Obiora and Godwin Onowu  are not members of the organisation’s Congress, neither are they executives of the All Nigerian Community in Ghana but cronies of Mr. Moses Owharo.

A print out of the community’s statement of account from the bank have revealed that the account which was frozen in 2013 following series of controversy on it’s auditing from the previous administrations of Dr. Uche Ugwueze and Mr. Bayor Albert was reactivated in July 2016 and massive withdrawals worth fourteen thousand Ghana cedis single-handedly made by one Aniekwe Obiorah, emptying the account to a mere balance of three thousand eight hundred and thirty two Ghana cedis twenty five pesewas.


Mr. Moses Owharo has however been overheard in a leaked voice conversation confirming the said allegation but that the changes were allegedly done according to the community’s constitution; an explanation which the executives have said is crude and unacceptable.

Meanwhile the executive council of the organization has in a swift reaction suspended Mr. Moses Owharo as the President of the association. In a statement issued on behalf of the executives by the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the All Nigerian’s Community in Ghana, Comrade Barry Ndu, the executives of the association have decided to suspend Mr. Moses Owharo as the President of the All Nigerian community pending investigations.

ANC Account 2013-2016
ANC Account 2013-2016

“Over the past few days, several issues within the Nigerian Community have brought so much argument and discussion concerning the veracity of a report against the President of All Nigerian Community, Ghana, Mr.  Moses Oghenekaro Timothy Owharo on financial misappropriation as regards the illegal addition of signatories to an official ANC Ghana account in UBA and subsequent withdrawal without the approval of fellow Executives .

These acts can only be defined as gross misconduct and an abuse and rape of constitutional provisions and the laws that bind our beloved community. For the sake of transparency, due process and a fair hearing, the executives have decided to take the following actions:

1) The immediate suspension of Mr. Moses Owharo as the President of the All Nigerian community pending investigations.

2) A summons of Mr. Owharo to explain his role in the change of signatories and withdrawals made from the All Nigerian Community Ghana UBA Account

3) An emergency congress to submit findings and initiate due processes that are peculiar to the matters at hand. This would hold on 28th September, 2016. The Regional Heads would be duly communicated.

We as an Executive body do realise that every individual remains innocent until proven guilty and at the same time we know that no man can be the judge of his own case. On this note, the 1st vice President shall immediately assume control of all presidential responsibilities whilst we get to the bottom of this matter.

We urge all Nigerians to remain calm and supportive as we do all in our power to ensure that the long arm of the law spares no perpetrator of any act found to be illegal and outside the modus operandi of the ALL NIGERIAN COMMUNITY GHANA”, the statement read.

The MD of UBA had in a text message confirmed that they had launched a formal investigation into the matter. In a separate email, the bank’s Head of Corporate Communications, Mrs. Katherine-lois Woode responded that they had received an official complaint from members of the Nigerian community in Ghana and would come out with a formal response on the issue by Thursday September 22 since the 21st would be a public holiday.