NALT CLUB Int’l Salute Nigerians For Their Resilience

NALT CLUB Int’l Salute Nigerians For Their Resilience


Press Release. 11/07/2017

NALT Club Int’l Nigeria wish to salute all Nigerians for their resilience in this perilous times.

1. We wish to sympathize with the victims of recent Flooding in certain parts of the country,especially the Lekki areas and Suleja where loss of precious lives have been announced.

We are aware that flooding is largely a natural disaster and possibly the effect of climate change,however we call on the government to ensure proper planning of settlements to avert or at least limit the impact of such disasters.
We also call on the government, NGOs and international community to join well meaning citizens in providing relief and succour to the displaced individuals.


NALT Club is pledging support and would soon mobilize to the zones affected for hands on intervention.

2. We have observed a surge of different agitations in the country, ranging from secession, through resource control and restructuring.
It is our view that all voices ,no matter how low should be listened to in a democracy. We implore the government to deploy Democratic means of engagement to dialogue with various interests . We believe that at the core of these agitations is the reality that our people clamour for better governance.
The government should as a priority put together a round table for the citizens through their representatives to sit and discuss our relationships as compatriots in this entity. Governments at all levels should also imbibe good governance, transparency and social justice in all her dealings as this would instill patriotism into the citizens .

3. We wish the ailing President quick recovery and return to his duty post,while calling on his handlers to urgently inform the nation the true situation to douse rising tensions in the polity.

4. We wish to congratulate INEC and especially the people of Osun for the success recorded in the recent rerun senatorial election. Indeed our democracy is improving.

5. We wish to state clearly that the bickering between the senate and the presidency is needless at this point and totally avoidable.
We therefore call on all parties to quickly close ranks and face the enormous task of governance.

We charge all Nigerians to be law abiding and to show comportment in their interactions. Let restraint be the order of the day in our utterances .
Shun all forms of jungle justice and all acts capable of causing violence.

Social Justice remains the only hope for man to exist peacefully and dominate his God given planet

Mcginger Ibeneme MBBS

SpokesPerson /PRO