Sierra Leone 2018 Election :7 Reasons Why Julius Maada Bio deserves every...

Sierra Leone 2018 Election :7 Reasons Why Julius Maada Bio deserves every vote in Sierra Leone…


He Loves his nation and its people more than  himself.
Julius Maada Bio is a proven patriot that has risked his most precious possession (his life) to effect change and return democracy to his nation, when he orchestrated the ousting of  his close friend and the leader of the NPRC junta government, Captain Valentine Strasser, following a division within senior members of the NPRC junta , for his love of his people he wasn’t tempted to stay in power as a military head, he returned his nation to democracy in less than 3 months , a feat that no African leader that obtained power in such manner has ever achieved. this has proven him a selfless leader that loves his nation and its people above himself.

A Honest And  Brave-hearted Man 
Julius Maada Bio has over the years justified himself as a man of Impeccable leadership quality. he has taken bold steps severally in his lifetime to prove his independent mindedness and courage, as a leader he fulfilled his promise to return Sierra Leone to democracy and handed power to Ahmad Tejan Kabbah of the SLPP following Kabbah’s victory in 1996 presidential election.
Maada Bio has already demonstrated a pacesetter leadership style which is why Sierra Leone is today boasting of its democratic credentials. He laid his life on the line for Sierra Leone as a soldier and facilitated the removal of obstacles to democracy by paving the way for the first ever democratic elections in Sierra Leone.

Julius Maada Bio and Wife
Julius Maada Bio and Wife

Well grounded in modern  governing principles and of proven  leadership ability.
Maada Bio is a pacesetter and has demonstrated political leadership at the highest level and even beyond boundary in Sierra Leone, before becoming Military head of state he has been in various leadership positions at a time that the nation was embroiled in civil war, he was  Secretary of State South, stationed in the country’s second capital Bo. He was later moved to Freetown to serve as Secretary of State in charge of Information and Broadcasting, and was later appointed to the position of Deputy Chairman of the NPRC.

After retiring from the military in 1996, Bio moved to the United States, where he earned his two degrees ,which includes his Masters Degree in International Affairs from American University in Washington, D.C.. He also served as the president of International Systems Science Corporation, a consulting and investment management firm based in the United States.

Religiously tolerant and a de-tribalised Sierra Leonean.
Bio has proven with his personal life and choices that he is Sierra Leonan at heart first before religious and tribal appendage,  an ethnic Mende and a native of Bonthe District in southern Sierra Leone and  a practicing Roman Catholic.  Bio married Fatima Jabbeh a Muslim born in The Gambia, though she was raised in Koidu, Kono District in eastern Sierra Leone. this has made them the most balanced couple in modern politics in Africa, and has certified that there will be no religious  minority in Sierra Leona in his time as president regardless of the religious demography of his nation, as he is a dedicated Christian and married to a devout Muslim.

Blessed with a fabulous wife who has achieved tremendous  success in Creative entrepreneurship.
With a young wife that is  a youth at heart ,an experienced, successful creative arts entrepreneur, who is passionate of the welfare of the youths ,and a role model to millions of African youth will sure  spiral economic revolution among the youths of Sierra Leona ,and will help in ensuring that assistance and support is rendered to the Sierra Leonean youths  to exploit and unleash their creative potential .
A Proficient Running Mate
In his God given wisdom Julius Maada Bio has not underestimated the importance of the capability of his running mate and has chosen an experienced public servant is the field of community development ,Dr. Jalloh an International Civil Servant having worked variously for the United Nations as a Senior Advisor in the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in the Republic of Mali (MINUSMA) and before that as the Sahel Advisor to the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General for West Africa and the Sahel.
He also worked as the West African Analyst for the International Crisis Group (ICG) and with the Campaign for Good Governance in Sierra Leone to support Civil Society groups in reinforcing democracy in the country from 2004 to 2006.
Dr. Jalloh brings with him a wealth of experience and proven track record spanning over 15 years in both national and international service. He is a graduate of Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, where he obtained a B.A degree; an M.Sc in Political Science from the University of Ibadan and a Ph.D. from the University of Bordeaux in France.

The Massive  weight of corruption  allegations against the ruling party of Sierra Leone.
Sierra Leone is a nation blessed with massive natural resources but the people are yet to have a feel of what it means to be blessed abundantly by the Creator of the universe and nature.
Recently the ruling party  are yet to account for diamonds sold few months ago, with figures running in millions of dollars. The country is bankrupt, government cannot pay salaries of public sector workers. The IMF has suspended its loan agreement with the government, after the government failed to meet revenue targets. IMF funds have been used for election campaigns by the ruling APC. Corruption in Sierra leone is at an all time high – one of the highest in the world. $14 million meant for those suffering from Ebola was stolen by officials. Funds meant for mudslide victims have gone missing. Money meant for supporting those going to hajj pilgrimage were stolen by officials. Unemployment is rising and now stands at over 70%.
Standard of education continues to lag behind other countries in the region. Only 37% of people in the country can read and write. Investors are staying away as the country cannot compete globally. Child and maternal mortality remains the highest in the world, with 30% of children dying before their fifth birthday.  The value of the Leone has dropped by over 20% in just three months and getting worse.