Are you Poisoning yourself with your Fridge

Good Housekeeping guide has revealed that you could be poisoning yourself and ruining your food just by organising your fridge incorrectly.

It may sound a bit far-fetched, but there is some logic behind it.
Apparently, as the door is the warmest part of your fridge, keeping milk there makes it more likely to go off faster.
Instead, GH suggests, you should keep your dairy (or non-dairy versions) on the lower and middle shelves, as they’re much colder.
Here is a man from Bosch giving you similar, albeit slightly contradictory, advice.
Your fridge: What should go where?
Door shelves: Condiments, jams and juices
Drawers: Vegetables, salads, fruit and herbs
Bottom shelves: Raw meat and fish (or, if you’re veggie, whatever you want)
Lower and middle shelves: Dairy (or non-dairy milk and cheese alternatives)
Upper shelves: Food that doesn’t need cooking
Similarly, any raw meat or fish you keep in your fridge should go on the bottom shelves.
This is both because they’re the coldest, and also to avoid cross-contamination with other food as excretions from the meat slide down to the other shelves.

keep raw and cooked foods separate from each other and clean your fridge regularly