HEPAN Calls Governor Elect Attention To Their Exclusion

We join the people of Imo State to congratulate the Governor elect Rt. Honorable Emeka Ihedioha on his victorious outing at the just concluded elections.  An outcome that has set the minds of many at ease.
It is out of our desire to see Imo work again that we feel the need to speak up now and offer our support and solidarity.
There is no gain saying that the economy of Imo State has suffered unprecedented hard times in the past 8 years under the outgoing administration.

Rt.Hon. Emeka Ihedioha Imo Governor Elect

Education: Imo has lost its pride of place among the states of the nation.
Commerce: The destruction of viable and community sustaining markets have disrupted the commercial life of our people.
Transportation: Imo people have never had it this bad. The ban of tricycles in the state capital and the imposition of shylock style levies and costs on transporters have taken its toll.
Health: Monstrous wastes liter the state in the name of state hospitals while the state General Hospital is starved and is slowly dying a painful death.
Hospitality and entertainment: This sector has suffered greatly as previous achievements have been eroded. The major brands that came prior to the advent of this administration have withdrawn from us. The effect of collapse of other sectors tell greatly on this industry too.
In spite of the foregoing, the hospitality and entertainment sector of the state has flourished the most. We have seen the emergence of not just new investments but also the influx of “foreign” investments. While several businesses have closed down many more have sprung up and more still are in the offing. Several big names from around Nigeria have set up shop here.
We make bold to say that the resilience of the hospitality and entertainment industry, in spite of the situation on ground is due to the direct effort of those who dug in deep and braved the storm.

It is from this stand point that we wish to applaud your initiative of creating the  just inaugurated Transitional Technical Committee.
The hospitality and entertainment industry has grown to be the largest employer of Labour in Imo State above the civil service. It has served as a check against youth exodus, poverty and crime. It has provided a thriving market for agriculture and a life line for transportation and the petroleum industry. The commercial turnover of these sector is massive and growing.
The obvious truth then is that those currently running this sector in Imo state are doing something right. As such need to be recognized and encouraged.
More to the above is the fact that those whose businesses and careers depend on the growth and success of this industry will prove to be an asset to any government who wishes to impact the lives of Imo people.
At this point it is with pleasure and expectation that we wish to introduce to you sir, the uniting body of the individuals behind this sector; Hospitality and Entertainment Practitioners Association Imo State

The Hospitality and Entertainment Practitioners Association Imo State was setup several years ago with the goals of redirecting and driving the hospitality industy of Imo State to enviable and indeed glorious heights, to identify and check unwholesome and unprofessional conducts and practices that hinder the growth of the industry.
We also have a dossier on how to mitigate other shortfalls of this sector. These include the negative effects of poor managerial practices that negatively affect the state as a community, morally, socially, economically, culturally and even environmentally.
  This body constitutes of individuals who are actively and positively contributing to the hospitality and entertainment sector of Imo state. These include management and staff of the businesses therein, these are the individuals on the fore front who ensure that the investment of the entrepreneurs flourish through the day to day operations of the hospitality businesses. This body is very mindful that these businesses should not go down, so as ensure that the business owners do not close shop and reinvest elsewhere.

For clarity we would like to state here that the hospitality industry includes all hotels, bars, night clubs lounges, restaurants event centers and event management and promotion businesses.  This association’s members have built not just businesses but human capacity by engaging, employing and training others in the hospitality sector. Building reputation and capacity for the industry.
Many young people have been redirected from violent and destructive vices by the employment opportunities granted by members of this association.
We therfore feel that our wealth of experience, far and deep reach as well as the enormous goodwill we enjoy will prove an asset to the in coming government. As stated earlier, We have developed a dossier on how to apply the advantages we have as an industry to transform the Imo hospitality industry more viable to the point of we can actually export products of this state.
In line with the all inclusive disposition of the in coming administration it would be most beneficial for both the government and people of Imo State to include this association in its program.
This document therefore is to make two pleas.

1. That we should be granted at least 1 slot on the transition committee.
As our preliminary observations show that the local practitioners who have continued to be active are not included in the committees so far inaugurated.
2. That this association be integrated into the in coming administration. So as to further ensure success in this very crucial sector of the state’s economy.

We wish to use this medium to say;
We Are Stakeholders And We Are Interested.

Congratulations once again, thank you as we anticipate an expedited and positive treatment of this document.

Benjamin Okechukwu Nwokorie.  (09011908936)

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