It is an irrevocable right of the electorate to ensure that their legislative representatives work amicably with the executive arm of government in ensuring true democracy. This mandate is enabled at the polling station.

The last democratic dispensation in Imo State witnessed the most horrific, chaos and degenerating behaviour in both the executive arm and legislative branch. Anyone with affiliation to the outgoing government remains a cancer to the progress of the state. 

The road to recovery and rebuilding of Imo State will be difficult if such bad elements remain in the system,  much worse is when they occupy any key position. 

Who The 9th Imo State House of Assembly Speaker should represent must not remind the people of their past  nightmares . 

You can not put a new wine in an old bottle. The new House must have at the helm of it’s affairs a clean, incorruptible character with no traits of an dealings with the Emperor . 

Our good people of Imo State should not forget that the outgoing government could have been democratically checked and balanced if the so called honorables didn’t serve as his Accomplice. Together they destroyed the State, shared lands and pocketed money meant for sustainable development. The suffering in the land today was not just caused by one man or just upon the heads of one man and his family but upon all the strange characters in the Imo State  House  of Assembly who did nothing but aided the exploitation of Imo resources. 

Hon.Francis Njoku

As a breath of fresh air circulates in the State,  so should the people not be polluted by any disgusting contiguous parasitic individual, such persons might have returned to power using same resources that was meant for Imo State development. 

The  governor elect, Rt. Honorable Emeka Ihedioha will need a man who is not part of the camp of The enemy to head the State House of Assembly. A person with passion for due diligence,  a person free of the financial crimes against humanity,  a person with the audacity of hope to engineer laws which will bless lives and transform Imo State to her glory. 

Be not deceived,  evil communication corrupts good manners said the Holy Book. Those who are now pretending to be ignorant of themselves,  who just a few times ago were part of the team that rendered Imo useless are clamouring to become Speaker. 

Their quest for power instead of remorseful spirit, their nefarious activities, instead of  their trial and sentencing to prison,  and not sitting in hallowed chambers should only prompt Imo people to be more vigilant because there is a green snake in the green grass.

Ndi Imo are wiser now, we know who our enemies are, those who perfected democratic rape will not seat as a Speaker but those with clean records. Written by Engr. Francis Njoku