The World Hates Africa-Dr.Mcginger Ibeneme

People easily misunderstand my posts concerning religion and morality .
Some tag it sensational, inflammatory, provocative, controversial or what have you. I used to laugh at these assertions cause I do not set out to promote any of such.

Dr.Mcginger Ibeneme MBBS
Dr.Mcginger Ibeneme MBBS

My main purpose is usually to question the establishment, the statusquo, the norms , the popular belief, the so called civilization.
This is because I earnestly believe that the world narrative is strongly skewed against Africa. The world simply hates Africa.
That is not the problem though. The problem is that the world has also succeeded in teaching Africans to hate Africa. The world is embarrassed of Africa and does everything to obliterate our identity.

Let me give you guys simple comparatives to push my points .
The whiteman did not invent anything that Africa was not already exposed to. As a matter of fact the westerners steal African inventions , package it and claim it why at the same time lambasting same concept of African origin.

The Chinese eat with chop sticks and the world is glamorizing it, in fact in many western countries it has become elitist to eat Asian cuisine and to especially do so with chop sticks.
Imagine that it was Africa that ate with sticks ? The narrative would have been that “they are so poor and primitive that they eat with sticks !”

Africa had remedies for almost all ailments they suffered , some effective , others less effective. Just like the west also consumed some drugs for so many years only to find out at some point that they were actually doing more harm than good ! In their own cases it would not be told in such a way to ridicule those who made efforts to solve a human need but rather in a way to show that they pioneered efforts in that field . This is not same about African scientific mistakes . In medical schools we’re mentored to despise every efforts of the herbalists. They paint them as quacks who go about killing people for pure purposes of making money. The arrogance is simply too much. Does conventional medicine not fail ? Many times western medical interventions fail woefully and even at times reck more havoc in a human life . But we never tell these stories .

When a pastor prays to “God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob “ and something miraculous happens we shout in awe and praise , but if a native priest calls on God of his own ancestors we gawk at his practice of “sorcery “. This is pure racism . Cause these two fellows called on God only that the later mentioned his own ancestors who have been painted as devilish.
If a priest calls on angel Gabriel to fight for him that’s okay where as if the dibia calls on balogun or Okekparakpara he is seen as invoking the devil. Both angels or gods are however war spirits in their separate cosmologies . Why then is the African worship deemed so inferior or offensive?

My fore fathers fought wars and conquered territories. They are depicted as savages . Napoleon Bonaparte on the other hand is a hero , same as Columbus, Ceaser etc

When the whiteman came into my village Achi without permission our soldiers repelled them . Led by captain Mcgregor they called for truce . When our army came out to discuss the truce they rounded them up And summarily executed unarmed men . A war crime of the highest order . This is recorded as a feat by the British. Instead of making them to face international war crime tribunals they’re celebrated !

Slavery disrupted Africa permanently. No one has been charged for it. I can go on and on and I intend to publish my arguments in a book ASAP.

Last week people began to say that I had repented and I now worship Jesus . This was due to poor comprehension. Jesus was a great man just like Ibeneme and Achi. I however admire Jesus extraordinarily cause of his humility, his meekness, his deep knowledge as was recorded by his descendants. I do not know of any other person on my side with similar traits because of lack of records . I deeply adore Jesus and he is my role model. I don’t worship . I worship God. Jesus was a son of God . I am a son of God . He died , I will die .
Some other mischief makers claimed that I do not believe in God . Ridiculous. God made man and the world . Of course I believe and worship him !

I will never accept that my past was evil and their past was glorious .
The whiteman is a thief in a lot of ways . He stole African religions and branded it Christianity and turned around to call Africans pagans . He stole African inventions and claimed it for himself.
Imagine the stupid man Mongo Park claiming that he discovered River Niger . A river that people had been swimming, fishing and drinking for thousands of years before he was born .

May God open our eyes .
The world is racist against Africa

N. Mcginger Ibeneme MBBS
Ozo Elengum Orio
Omenikoro Akwunubi
Crown Prince of The Rock Palace